Rat Proofing

Make your compost bin rat-proof!

Limiting access to food is the most sustainable and humane way to reduce rat numbers. It tackles the problem at the source.

You can help the Predator Free Movement by preventing rats from accessing compost and other food sources.

Rats are masters at hiding and most people usually aren’t aware that they have taken up residence in their compost bins.

It’s easy to make most compost-bins rat proof, simply by adding wire mesh to the base and covering the holes on the sides. Check out this online DIY guide for step by step instructions on how to do it yourself: ratproofingDIY

You can also get your bin rat-proofed by our composting expert Yolande for $150.  

If you would like Yolande to come to your place and rat proof your compost bin, please click on Our Booking Form

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Payment is required upon order request. See Below.
  2. The above costs includes removing and returning to the bin the contents of the compost bin. We reserve the right to not take out the contents if highly odourous.

Worm farms, bokashi bins and tumblers are a great alternative to bins with open sides or bases as they are fully contained. Check out some of our other bin options at our Online Shop.